CEO Office

  • Mohamed HagagAs one of the few schools of its kind in Pennsylvania, Easton Arts Academy prides itself on offering a unique and personalized education for all. Data has shown that students flourish when immersed in both the arts and academic programs tailored to their learning needs, and we see the benefits of this approach firsthand every day. We value our students as individuals, and we are passionate about creating an environment that gives them the tools they need to excel now and for the rest of their lives.

    We recently welcomed two exciting new additions to the leadership team at our school: principal Charles Bomboy Jr. and assistant principal Yu Kai Cheung. Both have overseen a variety of alternative and specialized educational programs at the elementary, intermediate, and secondary school levels, and they are inspiring in their commitment to ensuring each child who comes through our doors is able to realize their full potential.

    I am honored to serve this wonderful school and community as Acting Chief Executive Officer, and I look forward to the months ahead as we refine our educational programs with this dynamic new team. Over the past six years, we have seen so many students blossom because of our hands-on arts curriculum, developing mental and social skills that will serve them in school, work, and life. I have spoken with many parents who have seen their children grow because of life-changing educational experiences here that they likely would not have had in a traditional classroom.

    I am immensely proud of our dedicated staff of educators, who nurture our students with empathy and guide them toward success with keen insight into different learning styles. They empower the young people in their charge to become lifelong learners, helping them cultivate curiosity, develop invaluable critical thinking skills, and increase their self-confidence. As our students learn, our teachers learn too, developing educational approaches that benefit the unique needs of each child, and I can’t wait to see how our educational model changes and grows over the coming years.

    I thank the parents, families, and community members who have been a part of Easton Arts Academy over the years. Because of your support, we have been able to create a truly special place for young people to learn and grow, and we are poised to embark on an even better and brighter future. We look forward to building that future together.


    Mohamed Hagag,
    Acting Chief Executive Officer