• Easton Arts Academy is a tuition-free public charter school serving kindergarten through fifth-grade students. A premier school of choice with a focus on academics and a commitment to immersion in the arts, Easton Arts Academy promotes a strong work ethic, collaborative community, and inclusive spirit. This spirit drives our culture, shapes our attitudes, and helps us prepare our students for purposeful lives.

    Our Mission
    Our mission is to provide a rich educational program for students in grades K-5 by combining traditional academics with an intensive arts integration instructional approach. Each student is offered the opportunity to participate in rich, varied, weekly experiences in dance, instrumental music, visual art, vocal music, theater, and physical activity.

    At the core of Easton Arts Academy's philosophy is the belief that daily access to a high-quality, hands-on arts curriculum helps to develop and strengthen the social and mental skills students need to succeed in school, work, and life.

    Our Vision
    We are committed to building and maintaining a school community that values the diversity of life experiences of our students and families and fosters inclusion for everyone. Our staff is dedicated to helping our students grow and blossom through immersion in the arts while also broadening their vision of the world and nurturing their appreciation for different cultures.

    Our Model
    Our school and curriculum are founded on the belief that experience in the arts helps students develop emotionally, socially and academically. Each student at Easton Arts Academy receives artistic instruction every school day in a wide variety of the arts. While students are not required to audition in order to enroll in our school, they should demonstrate a special interest or enthusiasm for the arts.


    * In accordance with state and charter laws, all students residing in Pennsylvania are eligible to apply to Easton Arts Academy Elementary Charter School.