• The Easton Arts Academy Advantage

    Exposure to the arts gives children many advantages, helping them to grow and thrive during crucial periods of development. At Easton Arts Academy, we believe a strong arts-integrated curriculum is vital to preparing our students to be responsible citizens and effective leaders in a global society.

    In fact, studies show that students who are highly engaged in the arts are more than twice as likely to graduate college than their peers with no arts education.

    Students at Easton Arts Academy can choose from many artistic programs that immerse them in the fundamentals of visual design, writing, acting, dancing, and playing music. Highlights of our arts-integrated curriculum include hands-on performances, art displays, music concerts and even arts-based field trips that showcase real-world creative skills that enhance their lives.


    The Power of an Arts-Integrated Curriculum

    An arts-integrated curriculum is essential to positive growth and successful learning. Studies show that collaboration leads to innovation and creativity; it opens doors to new solutions when solving problems and teaches children how to better connect and communicate with and respect one another.

    Students who have access to an arts-integrated educational model typically demonstrate improved verbal, reading, written and math skills and have a greater capacity for critical thinking and problem-solving.