Visual Theatre Arts

The mission of the Easton Arts Charter Theatre Department is to expose young artists to the multitude of works, theories and practices essential to an understanding and appreciation for Theatre Arts, as well as to foster the inherent talents of our students and to encourage them to confidently share their creativity with the world at large.

Our dance program is designed to teach students the fundamentals of movement and dance choreography while developing confidence and an appreciation for rich, diverse cultures. Students prepare and perform in dance events during the school year.

Musical training helps students sharpen a variety of skills, including memory, spatial learning, literacy and verbal intelligence. At Easton Arts Academy, students learn to read traditional notes, develop proper posture, and understand how to count rhythmic patterns. Students prepare for and perform in several musical events during the school year.

Students who participate in theatre learn about the various roles that bring a story to the stage: script writer, director, actor, costume designer, and more. Students retell stories on stage using their imagination and creativity. Theatre students prepare and perform in a variety of events during the school year.